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When you move in to a new place, meeting the neighbors can either be a horrible experience or a pleasant one. Nothing can guarantee the relationship you will have with them and quite frankly who says you’ll want to be friends with them?

It’s always interesting to meet your new neighbors, there’s so many different types of people in the world and your neighbors will consist of these different types!

I’ve got 7 houses surrounding mine, okay we’ll say 6 because the house behind mine has been abandoned forever (so sketch). There’s the lady in the corner with also 2 dogs, her dogs and mine communicate/bark at each other every time they’re outside. Oh let me clarify that her dogs bark at my dogs…just saying. Then there’s some of my best friends/most amazing neighbors in the world, let me explain how this happened. Basically their grandparents owned the house and sold it to their grandchildren who are pretty much my age and we kinda knew each other through other people (because we live in a small town) so anyways no complaints, it’s the best neighbor situation anyone can ask for, the parties, the lending stuff to each other, the helping each other out, the 5 à 7’s, etc. I am thankful everyday for them.

Then there’s crazy cat man on my right (he’s a little too close for comfort), his weeds are completely out of control, and he feeds all the wild cats of the neighborhood and he’s weird and he really needs to get his shit together because his yard is a disaster. Sorry Reggie, but you’re too fucked for me. Then there’s the neighbors across the street, Mrs. Robinson, sweetest old lady, just saying her name brings peace like the Beatles, she’s to kind and loves to garden. Next to her, straight across from me is like a 3 apartment house. There’s the nice Jamaican family (I don’t know how many they are but it looks like there is 20 people living in there), and then random other tenants that always come and go so I don’t bother reaching out every time, quite frankly I just don’t care.

And last but not least there’s ex crazy lady and her family but now were good and their super nice to me. I don’t blame them for hating me for the last 3 1/2 years because I was an out of control young broad and I pissed off neighbors quite frequently, now we have a reasonable relationship and we speak regularly, so it’s good.

If there’s advice I can give you it’s very simple, it’s actually something my mom’s friend

told me just before I moved in and it was;

” You don’t have become friends with your neighbors, just be respectful ”

If you’re nice to your neighbors and respect them, in other words advise them ahead of time when you throw crazy parties, then they will respect you back and not call the cops on you every time something happens at your place.

Just do what Mr Roger’s said Love your Neighbor as yourself

What are your neighbors like?

mr rogers

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