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Top 10 Things You Hate Cleaning

Alright so let’s get it out, there are tons of things we all hate cleaning. I can name you a bunch of them off my personal list but I don’t want to decide the general list for all so I reached out to my social network to see what they had to say about this topic. Let’s have some fun!

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1- The Crapper A.K.A The Toilet

Alright so personally the toilet is not one of my favorites, and according to my survey others hate it too. So just the word toilet sucks and makes you think of shit…sorry but it’s true. Not that it’s long to clean but I think we seriously lack motivation to get the job done. It’s awkward and you feel gross cleaning it.

2- The Oven

Okay so this came up a few times as well, and I tend to agree, however I am specifically speaking about the inside of the oven, which quite frankly I don’t clean much (oh shit..shhh). The top is pretty easy unless your oven is from the 90’s and you gotta take apart the stove top, that sucks. Does cleaning the inside mean changing the foil? Tips are appreciated here!

3- Microwave

I cleaned it once and for all and put it in the cupboard lol, decided I didn’t want to deal with a microwave anymore. Although great tricks exist like the classic bowl of vinegar to get leftover sauces out and whatever else always explodes in there. Who else would like to join me on this microwave boycotting? When I crave popcorn I pull it out, use it, and put away again. Don’t judge me, join me. #FUMicrowaves

4- Dusting

I nominate dusting because it’s so long, you have to remove all your picture frames and other crap, then dust, then put everything back and then 2 hours later it’s dusty again. Why do you exist dust, why? And with 2 dogs, it’s even worst. So in this case, don’t put any decorations or picture frames on any flat surfaces, hang all your picture frames, sell your dogs on kijiji (I’m kidding, I would never) and live in a plastic bubble. Some things simply can’t not happen.


5- Cleaning Cupboards

A friend of mind recently did his and it made me realize how shitty this chore really is. I looked at my cupboards a while back and knew that one day I would have to, but I’m just not ready yet. Although this is long too, and you definitely need to book yourself a full day to do it all, I feel like it’s one of those things that you get so into it that you end up cleaning things in so much depth and BAM there goes your weekend…See you one day cupboards. AHHH just thinking about it…the classic tupperware cupboard LOL…Oh golly I can’t wait!

6- Shower/Bath

This is just f-ing annoying. It’s awkward as fuck and like almost  an acrobatic workout. Again, remove all the shampoos, soaps, razors, etc. Spray the heck out of it and then get on your knees to scrub everywhere. Sounds like fun but its not. Its the thing we tell ourselves we should clean weekly but end up doing it once a month…No judgement here folks. Please feel free to share your bath/shower cleaning tips with us.

7- Vacuuming

This was brought up and I wasn’t sure if I’d include it but then I realized how much of a shit chore this is too. Especially with dogs in the house, they have turned me into an expert vacuum user. I don’t hate this that much except what I hate most about vacuuming is the actual vacuum. Suction is never as good as you think it to be. But then you’re going to tell me buy a more expensive vacuum cleaner…WHO THE FUCK SPENDS $500+ ON A VACUUM? sorry I had to yell it out because I’m bothered, bothered by the fact that good vacuuming exists but for $699. Fuck you.

8- Windows

Windows is a full process as in make sure you aren’t doing anything else this weekend because you’re cleaning windows! Luckily this can get done like 1-2 times a year, thank god. So much windex and paper towel and then the patio door is just always dirty because of the dogs. They don’t care that you just cleaned it…Don’t forget that you have to do the inside and the outside. Ladders & heights oh my! I don’t get freaked out by heights but I would rather have died living a happy life rather than ”died cleaning her windows”. Be safe, practice safe window cleaning. Get a harness or something lol, don’t be stupid.

9- The Fridge

Fridge cleaning is unpleasant because who knows what you will find in there. There’s always something past date that somehow got left behind. There’s like blood stains from thawed meat, something sticky and fucking onion peels. Ya I put my onions in the fridge, let me be. Broccoli crumbs, sauce residue, floppy celery stick, 5 different mustard containers, 3 ketchup containers, pickles, olives, more mustard, etc. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. It’s something you just gotta do, no buts.

10- That Drawer Everyone Has

This is typical and I have seen a lot, don’t lie about it we all have that drawer. Not sure what I’m talking about ? drawer

Is it clearer now? Yeah that’s what I thought. Don’t be ashamed. Just let this be. A drawer like this is part of life, don’t think of it as a mess, think about it as a time capsule. Every few years you’re like ”okay I’m going to clean it now” and then you find all this memorabilia and useless shit you wonder why the heck you kept. So keep your lives exciting, let the drawer stay I say!




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Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home is a very important process you need to make time for. It involves a lot of different things, so to make sure you get everything done, remember that making lists are always your best friend and help ensure you don’t forget anything.

I live alone so this is a big process, thankfully my boyfriend was really helpful with this because it would’ve taken many more days had I been alone. (p.s wasn’t always in a relationship and have done it alone in the past…it’s so long)


I had a leaf blower jet pack…thankfully

I had to get my car shelter up, rake all the leaves (by the way there was like 50 bags of them), close up the pool, pick up a lot of dog poop, put away the outdoor furniture, cut the grass for the last time, etc. You get the point it’s a lot.

Let me tell you though, once it was done, wow did I ever feel great! It’s so fun being a productive homeowner! 🙂

Conclusion: Being a homeowner you will start to take pride in doing things around the house.

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I’ve Got Shit To Do: Why you shouldn’t care about your weekend attire

I was having this discussion with a colleague about how when you own a house, you have so much shit to do on the weekends, it’s nuts. We agreed that fashion was no longer a big deal and we both didn’t care about what we wear, because it simply doesn’t matter anymore.Why even bother.


You get to a point in life where you don’t have time to care about what you’re wearing or to look your finest at all times. You’re wearing rain boots, joggers, an old sweater, a baseball cap and you’re out running errands, cutting the grass, cleaning the pool, cleaning the house…the list is endless!

My fall outdoor clothing fashion

I have some friends who would look at me and say ”you’re going out like that?” I say hell ya I’m just going to run errands who cares, I got so much to do at home, no time to get all pretty if I want to get things done.

Working on cars, always working on cars

If you have a busy weekend ahead of you, which is generally what my weekends look like (working on my cars, cleaning the yard, cleaning the house, etc.) there’s absolutely no point in dressing up ”nice” to do these chores. You’re going to get dirty, sweaty and more dirty. And if you have to run out to get something quickly, are you really going to shower and get all pretty just to run to the store and then come back to your chores? I don’t think so.

Just chill and drink wine

On top of it all, It’s the weekend just relax, if you’re at home doing things around the house, or just chilling out, who are you trying to impress? Your significant other isn’t going to be bothered by your attire, chances are he or she will join you in this full blown ”vedge-mode”. Save that pretty look for a nice evening out or dinner with friends. It’s important to give yourself a break on the weekend, a break from everything also includes the way you dress, makeup, hair etc.

Doing your laundry perhaps?  Hahaha usually laundry is a weekend thing so if you’re like me you’ll be wearing sweats or pyjama’s while you’re doing your weekly laundry run, pretty much another reason why you’re wearing comfy clothes. FullSizeRender (21)

Don’t sweat it, nobody cares really. My comfort on weekends is one of the things that help me disconnect from everything. As a homeowner, you realize that nobody is there to pick up after you, or to do anything for you. You’re the one who needs to do the chores and maintain your household. trust me the last thing you want to be wearing when you’re doing is housework is a pair of tight jeans, talk about getting your panties in a bunch!

In conclusion what I’m trying to say here is that as you get older, as you become a homeowner, a parent , etc, things that once were important to you like looking top notch 24/7 eventually don’t feel as important. We live such busy lives with work, school, managing your house all week, etc., Is it wrong to have weekend comfy clothes? Not at all, join the club and feel great!

What do your weekend comfort clothes look like?


You’re never alone to live through events & feelings, there’s always someone else out there going through the same stuff as you – VB

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