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For The Love Of Dog!

Once you get the home, now what? You buy a dog of’course. Cat people go away, because this blog is about dogs!

So after I moved in, exactly a month later, I was like ”Okay, I want to get a dog now!”. Figured it was the right move, because I wanted the company and had so much love to give to this future animal of mine. A dog of’course. Now we’ll skip the selection process and the why that species and etc., I got Marley the beautiful Rednosed Pitbull. She was just 5 weeks old when I got her. Found her on the famous ”Kijiji” and scooped her up the same night. Let me tell you how this dog changed my life.

Just so that we’re clear Marley was not named after the movie Marlee & Me, I actually watched this movie for the first time 2 weeks ago.

Marley is the cutest Pitbull and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine but seriously ask like 10 people and they will confirm these facts, also the vet, my mom who is not a dog person and everyone else. beauty marleyShe is so kind and gentle and really is a great representation of how the breed really is. Now I am not trying to make this an article on the lack of judgement people have about the breed but quite frankly people have to know how adorable, loving & caring these animals truly are, so hopefully I can reach a certain audience with this blog post who will reconsider their opinions about Pitbulls.

Now dogs in general are a lot of work but if you have a dog and you live alone, it can be a lot of work for one person. You have to raise them at first and then spend their entire life cleaning up after them. I tried to show Marley how to clean but no dice, she is better at getting dirty more than anything. IMG_7714

What I value about my dog is the incredible relationship we developed over the years and quite frankly since day 1 I was in love. Today we are best friends and we know how one another feels and recognize our moods, etc. I simply can’t explain it but I know how she feels and what she feels, I can see it in her facial expressions. marley & mommy

The benefits of having Marley by my side are most definitely the safety factor, she protects me and watches the house when I’m not home. She is also a really good vacuum cleaner, I mean seriously drop some food on the floor and it’s gone and the floor is sparkling! She is active like me, loves to run, swim, do tricks and more. It’s really important to have a dog that resembles your characteristics. They say that a dog will look like it’s owner too lol I’m not 100% sure about Marley & me, but fine I guess she has my good looks! HAHA!

xmas marley

If you want a few good laughs, check this link out!

Another benefit of having a dog and this is one of my favorite benefits and it’s the fact that you’re never truly alone. sleeping marleyYou have another being living with you, sure she can’t talk back but you can talk to your furry companion all you want and cuddle, cry in her fur, kiss her, pet her…you get the point here.

Owning a dog & now I actually have two, is comes with BIG responsibilities but I am thankful everyday for my furry loved ones as well as I cherish & love them unconditionally and will forever. Only a dog owner knows the feeling of love that is felt for ones pet. I am happy to share my home with Marley & Axl.







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